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Welcome to The Winston-Salem Foundation ’s Opportunities Homepage.

To receive eligibility for scholarships from The Winston-Salem Foundation, you must complete the General Application. To do that, you must first “Sign Up” (if you have not yet created a username and password), or “Sign In” (if you have already Signed Up).
After you complete the General Application, you will be auto-matched for all scholarships for which you are eligible—with just this one application. You must complete the application in full.

In addition, you may be asked to provide information for other “Recommended Opportunities,” if your application indicates that you may be eligible for consideration for these recommended opportunities. If you are eligible for additional opportunities they will display for you once you have completed and submitted the General Application.

The majority of the scholarship opportunities offered by The Winston-Salem Foundation are auto-matched through the General Application and you may not be requested to complete any further applications. Our scholarship opportunities are funded through the generosity of donors within our communities. Be advised that all funding is subject to receipt of funds from donor.

Please note: You will not complete an application for each scholarship listed below. You will only complete the General Application. See instructions above.

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